Band rooms and practice rooms in Hamburg

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Here is a list of band rooms in Hamburg:

Lars Watermann rented a practice room for a drummer to his students but also to other interested drummer. The music practice room is only for single drummer and not for bands. Depending on the use the exercise room will cost between € 20 - € 60 per month. Practice room for drummer from Lars Watermann

Musikbunker Hamburg rented rehearsal rooms in Hamm. As the name implies, the rooms are in former air-raid shelter. The bunkers are guarded  and inside already insulated. Prices for a band room goes from € 115 for a 10 qm room to € 350 for a 35 qm room. Upon completion you must pay a deposit. Musikbunker Hamburg band rooms in Hamburg-Hamm

Music Hamburg rented space equipped band rooms by hour and by day in Borstenlmannsweg in Hamburg-Hamm. On hourly basis you can here e.g. also play drums. A solo room costs for 3 hours a week € 35 the month and a band room costs one day a week 90 - 110 € the month. Musikraum Hamburg equipped band rooms in Hamm, only for the transition.

In the Frauenmusikzentrum in Hamburg-Altona you could rent fully equipped band rooms. Here is a membership required. Frauenmusikzentrum equipped band rooms only for women

Rockbüro Hamburg rented band rooms in Hamburg-Billstet, Hamburg-Altona and Hamburg-Winterhude. A membership is necessary. Rockbüro Hamburg band rooms

Music Academy Hamburg rented equipped band rooms by hour in the Jarrestraße Hamburg-Winterhude. The price goes from € 8,- for a 1/2 hour  up to € 40,- for 2 hours the week. Musikakademy Hamburg equipped band rooms in Winterhude

Sound Factory in Hamburg rented in the Moorfleeter-Straße 15 in Hamburg-Billbrook on daily basis completely bands rooms. A band room of 25 qm  cost for example 270, - € per  month. Soundfabrik Hamburg band rooms in Billbrook

Fitmusik in Hamburg-Altona rented on 300 qm practice rooms for € 10, - €  € 12, -. per hour Fitmusik in Hamburg-Altona band rooms

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