Musician's centre Hamburg Barmbek with rehearsal rooms

Frau spielt Bass © stefan_weis -

Since a long time a musician's centre is planned in Hamburg Barmbek. Now it seems to become concrete.

The construction work should start in the beginning of 2013. For this an extensive study about the situation from musicians in Hamburg was ordered. Here you can find something about the financial situation and also the rehearsal room situations. From 80 planned rehearsal rooms in 2009 only 28 rehearsal rooms planed now. There should also be a music-club and a store.

What I do not understand, however, is why this must cost 12.9 million euros?

In the study also came out, that most musicians would like to have an own rehearsal room which they want to share only with two other bands. Only a small part of bands would rent a room on hourly basis. But what does this mean?

There are 28 new rehearsal rooms and at the same time many rooms will be closed in Hamburg.

If the rooms are rented by hour for a fair price more bands will have the change to have a room.

I am curious whether the start of construction really beginning in 2013 and how many rehearsal rooms it will be at the end.